About RiteSmile Dental

Rite Smile began with a mission to bring high-quality dental care to people living in Bedminster, New Jersey. The dental practice, headed by Dr. Sandeep Kuar, started with the mission to serve every patient in a way that suited their personality and medical circumstances. Since then we have grown in size and scope and become a fully-fledged and celebrated part of the community.

Rite Smile is passionate about the people we serves. The focus on oral care and cosmetic dentistry have allowed us and our patients to flourish. We hope to be seen by the community as quality caring dental care. We treat each person who enters our practice as an individual, taking the time to assess their needs before providing any kind of treatment. 

We take a consultative approach. We never move forward without first talking to our patients about the details of the procedure and the costs involved. We believe in full transparency at every step, which is why our patients love us so much and keep coming back.

About Bedminster, NJ

Bedminster is a township in New Jersey with a population of 8,165 according to the 2010 census. The first recorded mention of the town dates back to 1710 more than 300 years ago, and it was named after the British city of Bedminster in Somerset. The first settlers were primarily German, Dutch and Scot-Irish, with many other nationalities joining them over the following decades.  

In the 20th century, Bedminster became an essential hub for the national telecoms industry. Before its merger with SBC Communications, national carrier AT&T had its headquarters in the town. Bedminster also served as the headquarters for the rival company Verizon until 2006. The legacy of the telecoms industry lives on to this day. Bedminster is still home to AT&T’s Global Network Operations Center, which monitors the company’s infrastructure on a second by second basis. 

Bedminster, NJ, attracted people from all over the country to work in the nearby telecoms industry. But since the decline of that sector of employment, the township has begun to decline in population, with more than two hundred people leaving for greater economic opportunities since the turn of the 21st century. 

Bedminster, NJ, is home to the Bedminster Township School District. The area offers schooling for children from kindergarten age all the way up to eighth grade at the local Bedminster Township Public School. There are currently more than 840 students enrolled in the institution. 

Bedminster, NJ, is home to the Trump National Golf Course. On the site sits Donald Trump’s red brick Lamington House, which became the clubhouse. The area has since been developed extensively and attracts keen golfers from all over the country. The clubhouse sits next to the pro shop with a nearby sports village that includes a swimming pool and other amenities.